About London Spring

London Spring is the name of our initiative at 74 Castlebar Road in Ealing, London, UK. The name calls to mind the spring of water that bubbles beneath the property. It also evokes memories of the Prague Spring in 1968, the Arab Spring in 2011 and the world wide hope for a deeper democracy. We have a dream for such change making events to take place in this underused and partially restored property. We want to create a “dense spot”, perhaps for just a short time. Here people from many different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities can meet in a Worldwork sort of way.

At London Spring we plan to –

  1. Offer counselling service to clients.
  2. Help Ealing Abbey community be more restorative for the past in its core mission.
  3. Use the asset of the building at no 74: and may bring in new people.
  4. Host training / counselling for adults and for adults in helping professions.
  5. Make rooms available for groups, counsellors and therapists.

At London Spring we are building a community of learners, based on the value of embracing diversity. We intend to create an on-going conversation between people of all cultures. We support people in living with all others on this planet, appreciating both our differences and commonalities.


74, Castlebar Road,
Ealing, London W5 2DY


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