Open Forum – Facilitated Conversation

9 November 2019

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Venue: 74 Castlebar Road, Ealing, London  W5 2DD

‘What has happened? Who are we now and where are we going?

What spirit is moving the Disturbance in which we find ourselves? Brexit Britain has many parts and ignites strong feelings:  some of us are strengthened and emboldened by the referendum and what it finally offers. Others are reeling, hopeless  and discombobulated by what had seemed for them to be stable and secure being pulled out from under their feet. Some fear a social and economic collapse or further fragmentation into history’s past. While others are hopeful and imagine a bright and prosperous future. In all the disparate viewpoints, many of us think we know best and that other parts are definitely wrong. We find ourselves on a seemingly endless merry-go-round.

Can we sit in the fire and listen to all perspectives, as equally important – even the unspoken dreams and hopes behind them? How can we know all the parts of ourselves, of each of us as a community of folk?

From the seemingly intractable, can we go beneath the surface and discover more of who we are and how we interrelate? How can we move together, within our diversity, as a community, as neighbours and friends, as a country? Can we dare to dream of weaving the broken threads of relationship, towards a shared understanding and build creative ways forward for our own and our children’s future?

Why an open forum? welcoming diverse points of view, ideas and beliefs is the nub of deep democracy. Each voice matters and is needed to process together our hopes and fears around the many roles, feelings and collective dreams that play out in the arena of our lives.

We believe deep democracy open forums are needed to process the complexity of our time and history; to free ourselves from binary choices with which we are presented and to engage with each other with more freedom.

Who are we? Deep Democracy Forum (DDF) is supported by Act for Change: Eva,  Femi, Hubert, James, Lea, Paola. We live in the UK with family roots in different parts of the world.

Our story began in a cafeteria in April 2015, during an event in Warsaw: Worldwork Warsaw, when Lea and Hubert decided to start a group to run deep democracy open forums in London.

We are generously hosted by the Benedictine Institute.