Eva Vohlidkova

Counsellor and Coach

I currently live in London, UK where I work in various roles as a coach, group facilitator, trainer, and a trainee Processwork psychotherapist. I work in English, Slovak and Czech.

My background is in clinical psychology and mental health, I have 15 years of experience working in the healthcare system with individuals and facilitating support and therapy groups. And I am also a qualified translator. 

My journey to London started in Czechoslovakia where I was born into a mixed, Czech and Slovak family. Czechoslovakia as a country does not exist anymore. One day I woke up and was living in a different country – Slovakia, even though I have not left my apartment. Later I moved with my own family and young children to the UK with 3 years stay in Indiana, USA. 

Growing up during communism, there was always this atmosphere of two realities, two worlds, something was silenced and something was allowed, something was more visible and on the surface, something was hidden or banned. 

Czech and Slovak experience combined in my family in multiple layers, two distinctive languages, mentalities, histories, Czech and Slovak worlds, so close, so similar, so far apart… 

I first met with Processwork in the early 1990s in Slovakia, a couple of years after the fall of communism. It was like opening all doors and windows to fresh air and new exciting worlds. Processwork offered skills, concepts, and language to explore even the most entangled situations and dynamics, brought hope and answers to questions I did not even know I was asking.

These days my interests are in working with individual, intergenerational and collective trauma; exploring ‘frozen’ states and silences that happen to us internally and also on a group and collective level, and ways how to come out of there, while bringing out their unique meaning and language (how can we bridge the silence into the world of more openly shared experiences and create a community built on deep sharing and respect?).

I am fascinated by the Processwork idea that the difficulties we are meeting are at the same time showing us the way through; in this way they are our allies and teachers.