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                                                          DREAMING THE FUTURE series


Facilitated by Lea Misan and Eva Vohlidkova.

online, dates tbd

 After the first series of facilitated conversations about the post pandemic future, we are even more aware of the importance of this space.

 It is vital that we talk together about our future and how we envisage it. The present is rife with painful and urgent issues and the past is far from healed. It is up to us to decide what we want to carry forward and what to leave behind. 

 We are inviting you to join us in conversation to connect together and to ‘dream the future’ we want to see. If we are to create it, first we need to imagine it. 

 We aim to bring together our experiences of these big changes in our lives and share with each other – 1. what am I learning from current challenges, and 2. how will it help me to go forward.

To register click here   or email:

We are meeting on zoom. Zoom link will be sent t0 registered participants. We’d love to see you there.

​£20 per person (if this would currently prevent you from attending, pay what you can and let us know). All welcome.





A Mass

11am  Saturday 28 May

at Ealing Abbey


“Touching the Wound” is a Mass to acknowledge the sense of hurt felt by those affected by sexual abuse of minors – the abused, abusers and bystanders.

This Mass is organised by ‘COPE’ (Community of Practice, Ealing).
COPE is a local group set up by Dom James Leachman as a response to sexual abuse that took place at St. Benedict’s School and Ealing Abbey and elsewhere in the church. It seeks to heal history and explore what each of us can do towards a change of culture creating a safe environment that transitions away from silence.
Fr. James started this work at the Abbey in 2015, organising also
an international conference “Growing in Connectedness” (2018).
After his death COPE continues his legacy. There are several other events planned (a Symposium in 2022, a Conference in 2023)

If you would like to be involved with COPE discussions and deliberations (and decisions), please contact by email: 



Women and Power, Women and Silence.

Series of workshops for women focused on finding your own voice, finding your own power and exploring what is empowering you and what takes your power away.

 You can read more about the pilot workshop here.         



Brexit Britain and the European Union: ‘Falling Apart – Coming Together’

2nd in the series of facilitated conversations by Deep Democracy Forum

Can we have a conversation that respects each of our different points of view? Can we restore communication? Repair relationships? Rebuild community?

18 January 2020, 3-6pm

Venue: The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Sq, London N1 6HT

Brexit Britain and the European Union: ‘Falling Apart – Coming Together’ 

Facilitated conversation by Deep Democracy Forum

about the impact current events are having on us. 

9 November 2019 

Venue: 74 Castlebar Road, Ealing, London  W5 2DD

You can read more in our blog.








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