Gianfrancesco Sisto

Dear reader, hello and welcome!
As a therapist I offer you a space where all of you is welcome, especially those parts you can hardly talk about or even recognise to yourself.
Through my personal journey and that of the people I have accompanied so far, I keep learning that life carries more meaning and becomes more ‘alive’ when we explore those less known aspects of ourselves that can manifest as sharp reactions, self-criticism, sudden sense of feeling unsafe/not-belonging, disturbances in relationships, body pain, world issues that activate us, mysterious night-time dreams, traumatic events and less ordinary states of consciousness.
I identify as a white cis-gendered 52 yo man.
When I was 18, after I completed a diploma as a dentist technician, I welcomed a religious call and joined the Franciscan Friars. In 1994 I left Italy and lived in East-Africa (Tanzania, Uganda,
Zambia and Kenya) for 16 years (1994-2010). My own culture has been challenged, contextualised and stretched by the cosmovisions of the people I lived with and whose lives have touched and enriched mine. My worldview is one among others!
In Nairobi, when I was the director of the Franciscan office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of creation, I met a facilitator whose effective manner of working and his authenticity fascinated me. I
clearly remember saying to myself: “I will join his religion if that makes me the way this man is and deals with conflicts!”

Later, I discovered that his expertise was rooted in Process Oriented Psychology (today called Processwork).
I began a new job in Belgium in 2010 where I teach to international groups of Franciscans a leadership that is more inclusive and aware of the power dynamics of rank and privileges that shape all relationships but especially those of institutions whose structure is pyramidical.
Since 2012 I have been studying Processwork in London.
The compassionate, deep-democratic spirit processwork teaches, is what I daily apply to myself, the groups I teach and the persons who give me the honour of stepping into their own life with
understanding and curiosity.
I am currently writing an ethnographic dissertation on the link between shame and trauma and how processwork resources have the potential to transform that relationship.
My facilitation is under the supervision of a senior processworker.
My passion is for the unearthing our deepest nature, the soul of who we are and what we do.
As a friend of mine once said: Being yourself is the biggest value in the world!
I will be happy to be a companion on your journey.
I am available to work online (zoom, skype..) and in person – when it will be safe to do so due to the current situation.
You can contact me at: gianfrancesco.sisto[AT]