Processwork psychotherapist

As a therapist, I seek to be a companion to you when you face a challenge, hardship, or creative block. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to accompany you when you explore these places and search for meaning, wellbeing and new strength. I am trained in Process Oriented therapy / facilitation, so my approach will be adjusted to your situation, personal nature and goals. Within each situation we will together look for resources, pathways and solutions.. The work may be related to a specific issue – or it may be a journey of personal growth. Frequently it is both. I am also interested in working on dynamics between collective – individual, and how they impact one another.

A central interest for me, as a therapist and facilitator, is the concept that the things that disturb us contain the seeds of our growth. I have discovered for myself the intrinsic wisdom and strength that may emerge through turning towards a difficulty and exploring it, rather than seeking to change, or avoiding it. I have learned the importance of delving deeply into difficult or disturbing experiences in my inner world and in the world outside and finding meaning and purpose related to difficult experiences. I see this as a journey into the unknown – into territory beyond our everyday identity.