Paola Esperson

Paola is a passionate student and researcher of music, music therapy, psychology, education and inclusion of diversities, to promote peace. Paola is Italian and is a group facilitator and  music therapist, having specialized in Assisi at the four-year music therapy training course. Paola has a Master in Art Therapy, is a musician, a composer and specialized teacher for children with special needs and sensory disabilities.
Paola has presented her work and studies at international conferences, and published in Italian and English the book “Music therapy for integration” (Cajola, Esperson, Rizzo, Fanco Angeli 2008, RM). She applies “beginner’s mind” approach to her life, studies and therapies, to keep alive the wonder and curiosity through the eyes of her inner child. What brings her joy and motivation is the daily discovery of inner and outer diversities, and this journey of self discovery is what she would like to share with clients.